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Can we get a thing in settings to not share a tweet link. Like change from link to just photo. Wife does not have net so can't even view a link

john , 01.07.2011, 23:49
Response from the site administrator
Nataliya, 09.09.2011
Currently, you can share an image as a link and also save it to Gallery. When you save an image to Gallery, and if the Gallery program is on SD card, then your photo results will also be on SD card.
Idea status: completed


will kerrison, 09.07.2011, 06:46
Why won't this load onto sd?
mar, 04.08.2011, 18:56
Them when will this be done? I want my pictures out of link!!!7
Sahap, 07.08.2013, 22:53
AKAIK yovu'e got the answer in one!

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